Cheating and Infidelity Investigations

Have you had an uneasy feeling and believe that your partner is possibly cheating? When you confront him/her does he/she say that you “need help” and tell you that you are paranoid? Does your partner tell you that you are crazy? Do you find yourself justifying his/her behavior for them? Are you afraid to learn the truth because you are afraid of the alternative…being alone?

You owe it to yourself to at least find out what if going on; you need to know whether or not your partner is cheating and lying to you. Otherwise you won’t be able to function; before you know it you won’t be able to concentrate at work, you will lose your appetite, and your health will begin to deteriorate. You might feel alone right now and have no one to turn to. If you are reading this then you are already taking strides to take action by learning the truth; we will be there for you even if you merely need someone to talk to. You are not alone and our investigators will help you obtain the closure that you deserve.

Your partner probably has been playing you for a fool and thinks that you will never catch him/her. He/she is probably underestimating you and would never think that you would have it in you to hire a seasoned investigative agency to assist you in learning the truth. The hardest part is making the call; once you decide to hire us you are almost there; the truth is right around the corner. You will feel a weight has been lifted when you know that we are out there as your eyes and ears.

If it’s determined that cheating does exist it will be difficult at first but once you know what you are dealing with it only gets easier. The unknown is actually worse than knowing. There is no disputing video evidence and sometimes video is the only thing that will convince you that it is real and video is absolutely the only thing that will end the cheater’s lies. As a courtesy we provide our clients with a list of divorce attorneys for you to consult with.

Handling as many cheating cases and child custody cases as we have we certainly know how difficult and taxing it can be on your emotions. Therefore, we will assist you every step of the way and you will not be alone.

We separate ourselves from our competitors via obtaining video-proof without the target ever knowing that we were there. Our PA & NJ Investigators will not take uncalculated risks at your expense. You generally have only one chance to obtain the proof therefore we need to ensure that we do it right the first time via a well planned and perfectly executed strategy. Here at Magnum we handle the most difficult of cases so if your partner is street savvy and/or an alert individual then you need to hire only investigators who are specially trained for the tasks ahead otherwise without question the investigator9s) will be detected.

“Most every agency will deploy only one investigator and that investigator will likely get caught within a few hours at best; any true investigator will quickly tell you that you cannot conduct surveillance with less than two investigators. When other agencies fail we prevail”
– Owner, Christopher Halscheid

On a regular basis we receive calls from clients who had bad experiences in their dealings with other investigative agencies. It is our experience that those agencies that do not have prior Law Enforcement experience usually do not know how to conduct surveillance investigations properly and in some cases violate state and federal laws while trying to do so. Private Investigative agencies who have former Law Enforcement experience naturally know laws better then those who do not. A perfect example is: often companies without such background might obtain video footage without realizing that they committed a crime in the process; the crime being trespassing because they obtained video via private property. So do yourself a favor, make certain that the company that you retain has former law enforcement experience otherwise you are taking a gamble.

“If you are looking for the cheapest company then you have found the wrong agency; if you are looking for results without getting caught then you have come to the right place”
– Owner, Christopher Halscheid